Andrian Candu: Early parliamentary elections are not a solution

The early legislative elections are not a good solution for the Republic of Moldova in the current conditions, Head of Parliament Andrian Candu said in a press briefing held in the evening of January 22, providing the parliamentary coalition’s answer to the demands formulated by protesters’ leaders, IPN reports.

The official said that the swiftest early elections can be legally called only if Parliament is not able to elect the head of state in March, but in this case the country will again witness a period of instability of at least four months.

Andrian Candu said he is ready to have a dialogue with protesters’ leaders and asked them to present an analysis that will include a legal view and all the legal arguments concerning the method that they propose for calling early parliamentary elections. He noted he is to have a discussion with protesters’ leaders on January 25.

The Speaker also said that the parliamentary alliance considers the early elections can cause a profound economic and social blockage. “We consider the country must be governed so as to avoid an economic and social collapse. We must ensure stability and this government should act swiftly and firmly so as to achieve the first results,” he stated.

Andrian Candu noted that the parliamentary alliance is ready to have the representatives of the protesting groups as partners in setting the government’s priorities and the measures that must be taken to accelerate the necessary reforms.

In this connection, Andrian Candu made a call for calm and responsibility and asked the leaders of the protesting groups to obey the law and not to allow that the protests block the work of institutions or trouble the other people.


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