European Commission extends aid for farmers in Europe in June 2016, following the Russian embargo

The European Commission approved on Friday officially extending until June 2016 European aid to farmers to mitigate the consequences of Russian embargo on imports of agricultural products from the European Union, Agerpres informs.

Support measures for sectors of vegetables, fruits and milk were taken a year ago in response to the decision to “close the gate” for European products, a retaliation for Brussels to position the crisis between Russia and Ukraine .

“The significant measures taken so far by the European Union showed solidarity with farmers EU after Russian veto. These measures have played a significant role for mitigating consequences of Moscow’s decision and, therefore, have been prolonged, “said European Commissioner for Agriculture, Phil Hogan.

“It is necessary to continue with measures to provide security guarantees producers of vegetables, fruits and dairy products, faced with a difficult situation because of the embargo,” Barroso added.

For the dairy sector, the measures will consist of public and private storage aid, both butter and skimmed milk powder.
As regards fruit and vegetables, the EC has proposed extending until 30 June 2016, the measures that have expired on 30 June 2015 and aimed mostly of product groups in this category (including peaches and nectarines).

These measures consist in taking these products for free distribution to charitable organizations or for other purposes, such as animal feed, compost or distillation.

EC explained that these amounts will be distributed among Member States exported “significant quantities in Russia in the last three years.”
In addition, a significant amount, not exceeding three thousand tons, could be withdrawn in all countries to be stabilized market.

Representatives from Brussels have said that intervention in cases of public authorities by private operators purchase the quantities offered at a fixed price and up to 109 000 tonnes of skimmed milk powder and 50 tons of butter. Once achieved these volumes, the intervention will continue, but the auction system.

If you opt for private storage, the owner of the goods is committed to withdraw them from the market for a certain period of time and keep them and get help for some of the costs of storage.

So far, the program began in September 2014 were offered 40 045 tonnes of butter and 108,652 tonnes of skimmed milk powder for private storage.

As regards fruit and vegetables, the measures implemented by 30 June allowed the withdrawal from the market of 770,000 tons, with 155 million aid

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