From September 1, pensions and other social benefits will be paid through “Moldova’s Post Office”

Starting with September 1, the pensions and other social benefits will be paid through the state-run company “Moldova’s Post Office”, until the recipients of social welfare paid through Banca de Economii and Banca Sociala, choose another payment service provider. A bill to this effect was approved in the August 12 meeting of the Cabinet, IPN reports.


The given social benefits includes all the types of pensions, state social allocation, state monthly allocation, maternity leave payment, childbirth allowance, death benefit, state financial support, unemployment benefit and social assistance.

The remaining financial resources, allocated for paying social welfare, will be transferred from Banca de Economii and Banca Sociala to the National House of Social Insurance and the Local Employment Agencies by August 26.

In the same connection, it is proposed that the services to distribute pensions, allowances, compensations and other kinds of support earmarked in the state budget for military personnel, persons from the command body and troops of the bodies of the interior and other categories of persons from October 1 should be provided by the bank that serves the treasury system of the Ministry of Finance, selected in accordance with the legal provisions.

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