Mothers who will return to full-time work will not receive childcare allowance

Parents who will resume the job full-time after looking after the child for less than one year and a half, in case of socially uninsured women, or for less than three years, in case of socially insured women, will not receive childcare allowance. The recipient must obligatorily inform the local office of social insurance about the resumption of work, IPN reports.

Varlan, of the National Office of Social Insurance, said that if the mother or father (the recipient of childcare allowances) returns to full-time work, with remuneration of up to 0.5 of the salary, the monthly childcare allowance is paid in continuation. If the parents resume work full-time or start to work for another company and do not announce the local office of social insurance beforehand, the paid childcare allowances will have to be given back.

Also, the revenues calculated for determining the social insurance benefit will include the leave payments.

The monthly childcare allowance represents 30% of the average monthly income for the last 12 calendar months preceding the childbirth, but not less than 400 lei per child.

Parents receive three types of allowances when a child is born: allowance for the prenatal and postnatal leave that is paid once for the whole period, lump-sum childbirth payment, and monthly childcare allowance paid up to the child’s age of three to socially insured person and to the age of one year and a half to socially uninsured persons. The lump-sum childbirth payment this year is 3,400 lei for insured women and 3,100 lei for the uninsured ones.


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