Munteanu: Ministry of Environment was one of worst providers of legal acts

Minister of the Environment Valeriu Munteanu said the Ministry of Environment during the last six years had been one of the worst providers of legal acts to Parliament and, respectively, of normative documents to the Government. In an interview for Radio Free Europe, Munteanu said this happened because there were persons who had a chronic fear of Parliament, IPN reports.

“It is the only area where the environment strategy was adopted not by Parliamentary law, but only by Government decision because somebody feared Violeta Ivanov (Communist MP, ex-Minister of Ecology) or for some other reasons. There are no people in Moldova’s Parliament who would not realize the imperatives of this field or of another field,” stated Valeriu Munteanu.

The ex-MP noted that this was done intentionally so as to leave doors open, including by representatives of the opposition. “There are maybe 10-20 persons in Parliament who receive bonuses from Russia and they don’t care about the developments in Moldova. The other MPs realize the state of affairs. The most conclusive example is the re-subordination of “Moldsilva”. A relevant decision was taken in Parliament in only two days,” he stated.

Valeriu Munteanu said that in all the European countries, without exception, including Romania, the institution is named the Ministry of Environment, Forests and Water. In Moldova, there were all the dimensions except for the forests. It was due to big interests aimed at making this sector an economic area, not an environment protection area.

“There is an accessible document that the European partners presented on the first day of work of the Gaburici Government, which contains recommendations as to what we must do so as to be credible and be able to further access the financial instruments that we want to access. The partners also recommend ‘European expertise’ for the forestry sector and nobody denies this. “Moldsilva” annually reports the cutting of 400,000 cubic meters of wood, while the effective consumption in Moldova is 1.1 million. Everyone understands that they cut 400,000 cubic meters, but steal another 700,000 cubic meters,” stated the minister.

Asked who steals, Valeriu Munteanu said the whole system – from the forester to the political class that covers this illegality.

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