Oligarch Vlad Plahotniuc quits Moldova’s Parliament

The Vice-President of the Democrat Party, Vladimir Plahotniuc, declared  that he quits the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova.

He decided to leave his MP seat, after voting the new Government led by Valeriu Strelet. Plahotniuc congratulated his colleagues from the Alliance for European Integration for voting the Government in order “to get over the political crisis, through professional negotiations, without tensions and within a friendly atmosphere”.

I am happy that we succeeded to get over all these negotiations, in a hard period for our country. I hope the friendly atmosphere (inside the Alliance) will be kept during the mandate of the new Government.”

Despite his quietness in the Moldovan politics, Vlad Plahotniuc is known as the biggest oligarch in Moldova, because of his control over the General Prosecutory, the Supreme Court, the National Centre of Anticorruption and man others. He owns several big businesses in Moldova, got from raider attacks upon banks, state companies and medium businesses.

His control covered partially the Liberal, the Liberal Democrat and the Communists’ parties by warning the leaders with big penal cases. For example, two relatives of the Liberal Democrat Vlad Filat were arrested for banking frauds by the National Anticorruption Center.

Recently, two teams of journalists and some political activists had been beaten by Plahotniuc’s guard, Argus, a security firm owned by him. The police didn’t react properly, claiming that they were “afraid” to defend the journalists and to investigate the case.

So, Plahotniuc remains to be the most powerful person in Moldova’s politics, representing the fear, the high-level corruption and the state control in himself.

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