Valeriu Strelet paid his first visit as prime minister to Comrat

On a visit to southern Comrat town, Prime Minister Valeriu Strelet visited the surgical block of the district hospital, in the final stage of renovation, the government’s communication and media relations department has reported. 

Strelet promised that the government would take efforts to identify necessary financial means to complete the reconstruction works, so that, by the end of 2015, the surgical block starts being operational. „The conditions in this hospital have to comply with the highest European standards and citizens to benefit from qualitative medical services as soon as possible,” Strelet said.

The project on reconstruction of the aforementioned block was started in 2006, its total budget standing at about 38.413 million lei. Over 600,000 lei is necessary in order to complete the works. Over 37 million lei has been spent so far. In 2014, 1.136 million lei was earmarked from the funds of the National Medical Insurance Company and another 450,000 lei from the budget of local authorities.

Also today, Prime Minister Valeriu Strelet, accompanied by Gagauz Governor Irina Vlah, visited the Agro Sadim enterprise. The enterprise’s head, Semion Novac, said that the company had been working since 1996 and managed 1,300 hectares of farmlands.

Irina Vlah highlighted that products of local entrepreneurs were of high quality and farmers count on the support of the government in order to promote exports of agricultural products.

Strelet assured the Gagauz authorities that they would enjoy every support of the government. „We have to mobilise our efforts in order to ensure friendly conditions for developing businesses, increasing exports, diversifying and re-establishing sales markets for Moldovan products, including the Gagauz ones,” Strelet said.

Valeriu Strelet paid his first visit as prime minister to Comrat.

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