Victor Lutenko: Those from AEI want referendum in order to keep power

The referendum to amend the Constitution is not necessary and early parliamentary elections would be beneficial in the current situation, considers the ex-head of the Government’s Bureau for Diaspora Relations Victor Lutenko, who joined the political project of former Premier Iurie Leanca, PPRM. He made such statements in the talk show “Pahomi” on Realitatea TV channel, IPN reports.

“They do this not for us, but for them. All the changes made to the legislation by the ruling parties are aimed not at developing Moldova, but at dividing the spheres of influence and at protecting the used schemes,” said Lutenko.

The heavyweight of the PPEM (European People’s Party of Moldova) considers a referendum to amend the Constitution, which the leaders of the Alliance for European Integration 3 intend to hold, is unjustified and the variant suggested by these undermines democracy. “It is an antidemocratic exercise as somebody can win the key post in the state by gathering the votes of one fourth of the population. We are for a parliamentary republic. But the model proposed by them will concentrate even more the power in the hands of one group,” stated Lutenko.

He believes that the Democratic Party gained most of the advantages as a result of the distribution of the posts inside the AEI 3. “The Liberals also gained. It is yet certain that the people will suffer the consequences and this will become more evident in autumn, when the prices will soar and salary arrears will accumulate,” said Victor Lutenko.

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