Vlad Filat’s defense seeks dropping of charges

The defense of Vlad Filat asked that the court should drop the charges and the case started against the ex-Premier, but the request was rejected, lawyer Igor Popa said after a new hearing held on January 26. Prosecutor Adriana Betisor said the examination of the case will start at the next hearing, IPN reports.

Adriana Betisor noted that a number of requests by the defense were examined in today’s hearing. “The next hearing will start with the examination do write my essay you want to eliminate your organization partner of the prosecution’s evidence. Afterward, if the defense has proofs, these will also be analyzed,” she stated.

As regards the lawyers’ request to allow Vlad Filat to communicate with the press, Adriana Betisor said that this communication can imply risks. The court will you write my essay for me earlier pronounced on this risk and this time it dismissed this request as groundless again.

Igor Popa told the journalists that he asked dropping the case because the lawsuit was filed illegally. The next hearing will take place on January 28, starting at 11am. Vlad Filat continues to plead not guilty.

In another development, the lawyer said that Vlad Filat transmitted the message that he communicated with none of the eight Liberal-Democratic MPs who decided to vote for the Filip Government and that he considers the team’s and party’s unity must be kept.

Source: www.ipn.md

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