Wine of Moldova entered the Top 10 most discussed wines in the American press

The national brand of Moldova Wine of Moldova entered the Top 10 most discussed wines in the American press, made by the The Drinks Business. The winning wine is a red dry Malbec from 2011.

According to the author of the top, Dennis Sodomka, Wine of Moldova impressed with the hundreds of years of winery history and with so many tastes. He even compared it with the wines from Toscana.

I have never tasted a wine from Moldova. Actually, I had to find the country on the map. It impressed. The wine is a special one for summertime and it shines with meals.

Roger Morris from The Daily Meal, puts the Wine of Moldova in top 21 most consumed wines in summer, recommended for the ratio price between ratio and quality.

JournalNow chose a Moldovan wine for a weekly choice. Michael Hastings recognizes that the Moldovan wines are not so popular in the USA, but he thinks they can have bigger chances to become an alternative for the Italian wines.

For FloridaWeekly, Jerry Grienfield finds the Wine of Moldova as fascinating. Grienfield was impressed by the successful combination of grapes, smells of flowers and fruits.

On, the American expert Stacy Slinkard recommends Sauvignon Blanc from Moldova, which is “intriguing from the beginning to the finale”, due to floral and citric smells. According to Slinkard, the Moldovan wine has a low acidity, which “makes your feelings vibrate”, being perfect for sea fruits. This makes the Wine of Moldova to become A wine to remember.

The Wine of Moldova, the national brand of Moldovan wines, appeared as a movement to promote them to new markets as the USA, the EU and Asia and as a reaction to Russia’s embargo put on Moldovan products.

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